Category: Transformations

The Light of a Survivor

Deep in the intimacy of my soul, full of darkness, fears, and sorrows, there is a tiny light of hope, a very thin but strong string that suspends me in the infinite waves of my despair and doesn’t let me fall all the way down. It is this little force inside that helps me overcome the tumbling days of my history. It leads me to go forward one more day, to continue on the road; it makes me accept my mistakes, defeat my fears and convert my sorrows into calm. It turns me into a survivor.

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Lessons from a Lawsuit

I never thought I would be a restaurant owner before I moved to the United States. For six years I have owned and run a fancy dine-in Thai restaurant on Long Island. When I first became a restaurant owner, it was not easy. I felt very stressed every day in the first few years, but eventually everything started to run smoothly. Despite the long hours and often feeling exhausted, I was happy because my restaurant paid my bills and took care of my family. I thought my life would continue like this until I retired, but one day everything changed.

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I like to sit on my porch and look at the pink trunks of pines and the tall, dark-green pyramids of cypresses. I watch the birds quarreling in their branches, and then my eyes move to the background and follow the hazy blue gradient of the forests and hills dissolving at the horizon. The colors, the shapes—what a gift to see them. I am scared to think that I could have ended up in the darkness.

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