Volume 21 (2023)

Where I’m From



pencil sketch of a fish with stars in its eyes

, Shannon L. Nelson
I’m From Morocco, Zakariae Idrissi Ghlimi
The River Near Me, Larry Narinesingh
Ramadan, Hagar Abdellatif
Anna’s Home, Anna Suffrien
Family: Good and Bad, Mohanee Seeram Ramroop
My Neighbor, Mabuba Abafita
To Be a Fish Out of Water, Stephanie Calderon
Discrimination, Hari Pachabhaiya
Don’t Do That Again, Mervon Griffith
Where I Am From, Zhengxun Liu

New York City

Pencil drawing of a Chinese dragon descending from sky

New York State of Mind
, Gabriel Romio
Poetry, Maria Pyaterneva
Morning Coffee for My New Job in the USA, Daria Syuneva
Unexpected Event, Thanit Thanantaseth
Dance and New York City, Erica Chang
Aroma, Gabriela Robles
City Marathon, Aki Shimoyama
My Old and New Habits, Michela Taddeo
Overnight Subway, Jing (Ivy) Sun
Scenery, Olga Herrera

Earth, Sky, & The Sea

pencil sketch of a fluffy cloud

The Bright Stars That I Love
, Sohyun Park
Happy Childhood Memory, Dan Feng Yang
The Power of Fear, Lise Tupiassu
The Planet Earth, Conrado Restrepo
The Earth Is Crying, Xiao Lin Jiang
The Sun and The Rainbow, Jun Hu
Working with Stone, Moody Ibrahim Fayez Sedky
The Mind is a Book of Vivid Memories, Oraily Maireni Rosario Martinez
Change of Vision About My Environment, Luis Olmos

To Love & Be Loved



gouache painting of an open-faced pomegranate, with two slices on each side

The Crazy Birthday Cake
, Yoshie Sugimoto
My Favorite Word, Berta León Ezpeleta
My Truest Love, Maria C. Yumiguano M.
Why I Am Here, Mariko Matsumoto
Mom, Yan Ling Zhu
Autumn, Francesca Ligas
Dear Miss Rosalee, Lilith Griffith
My Independence, Donica Roache
My Dear Ali, Nigel Clarke
It Matters, Jessica Cruz
My Trip to Isla La Tortuga, Johanna Serrano


Vector drawing of a fox- or dog-like creature looking into the distance

The Bearded Bare Man Bearing a Bear
, Ekaitz Agirregoitia Marcos
My Friend, Valentina Semenova
Thieves, However Foolish, Amal Sydfawy
Village of Stone, William Kouadio Assouman
The Red Tomato, Dario Bolivar
A Not-So-Virtual Image, Ali Moudden
A Bus Attendant, Ngoc (Ruby) Pham Bich
A Foggy Day, Yonghong Wu
Finding Each Other Again, Rafail Shakirov

Dreams & Disappointments

Vector drawing of sisyphus pushing his boulder

This Little Train
, Annette Huang
Be Careful What You Wish For, Anastasiia Proskurina
Unstoppable Woman, Karima Ettouil
Closed Doors, Ellada Zagainova
When I’m a Surrealist Artist, Farzana Boby
Upside Down Thoughts, Tiffany Bracken
Nature is Not Kind, Malik Joyner
Fear, Ping Zheng

Looking Back & Looking Ahead

vector/3d inflated puffy ibis riding in a gouache-painted toy rocket ship

It’s Midnight or So
, Shyama Desilva
Blueprints, Wanda Rodriguez
You Are Stronger Than You Think, Amina Maouchi
The Painting That Gives Hope, Judith Muñoz
Advice to Immigrants, Judith Souverain
There’s Magic in the Rearview, Tahnee Jade
Pan de Jamón, Alan Moo
Who Do I Want To Be When I’m Older?, Oscar Fernando Serna Sanabria
Ode to the Rocket, Svitlana Pavlyuchenkova


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