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Question Everything

In my life, I have heard many phrases that make a lot of noise in my head and sound loud. They are phrases or expressions that today, at 25 years of age, I no longer have consideration for. I no longer pay attention to them. However, I know that other young people who have grown up with these poor ideas have not had the opportunity to see, hear, or question other realities completely different from those society imposes.

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How the Coronavirus Affected My Life

As a powerful devil, the coronavirus opened its mouth and traveled all over the world. It was invisible. As I write, it has caused more than 100 million people to become sick so far, making them struggle in pain without being able to breathe. It has killed more than 2.5 million people. It has destroyed many families without notice. It has forced many countries to lock down and prevented people from enjoying vacations. It doesn’t even allow people to talk together, close up.

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A Simple Act of Kindness

Years before the Covid-19 pandemic started, a couple helped me and my partner find a home. This year, when the pandemic arrived, they helped us to have meals at the table. In the past, Victor and Angie, working as property agent realtors, helped us to find the apartment we now live in, located in Queens. We were very satisfied with the assistance they gave us, but once the place was purchased and we moved in, the relationship between the couples ended, or at least I believed so.

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