The Literacy Review, Volume 20


Greeting and Testimonials, Allyson Paty and student editors, designers, and photographers from LR1-19


An Unforgettable Thanksgiving, Jane Utendahl
Different Times, Zhen (Jenny) Lin
Bare Necessities . . . , Xu (Jenny) Zhang
Meeting a Stranger in the Park, Mervon Griffith
Faces of the 9/11 Rescue, Su Sun
The First Time I Met My Husband, Sophia Williams
Dogs’ Paradise in Manhattan, Yumie Tsujimoto
Ellis Island, Francesca Ligas
Voting, Robert Smith


Moon, Wanda Rodriguez
Tulip, Anne Mingo
A Stormy Night, Sandra Allen
Majestic Fall, Sunhee Chung
Spring Blossom, Laleh Sadaghiani
I Heard the Ocean Swelling, Michelle Chen
Hiking in a New Country, Olga Ashitkina


A Family Legend, Maimouna Sanogo
A Funny Family Story, Sharon Brown Lamont
Remembering Mom, Shyama Desilva
Death from 6860 Kilometers, Barbara Guardigli
My Grandfather, Bruna Leão
My Angel, Flor Camas
A Missing Piece, Jennifer Cabrera
Hot Chocolate and Empanadas, Jason Bastidas
The Golden Earrings, Gladys Cruz
Life Is Beautiful, Fozia Faisal

Language & Education

First Day of School, Fatoumata Sore
Brought Up by Books, Svetlana Serzhantova
A Gift . . . , Karla Rivas
On My Way to English Class, Hung Hsin Yen
I’m Sorry, English Is Not My First Language, Irene Blanco
Perseverance, Louis Jacques Fleurimond
About My Favorite Sentence, Mami Moon
Accents . . . , Ana Reza
Found in Translation . . . , Haiying Niu


A Sad Love Story, Yadira Bravo
In My Brain, Caitlyn Antonellis
Surrender, Mariana Jaber
Seasons, Jennifer Alonzo
Clash of Power, Dalila Lama
My New Job, Judith Johnson
Defeating My Fear of Swimming, Vicky Qiu
My Dream and My Son’s Dream, Sor M. Villa-Zapata
The Morning Alarm in My Peaceful Neighborhood, Suchandra Sur
Good Friends, Miguel Tejada


Poop, Marianna Vargas
Shoes, Anita Pareja Gutierrez
My Charming Old Lady, Ayako Tachikawa
The Desk Letters, Thuy Minh Nguyen
My First Christmas Tree, Abigail Lee
The Rolling Calf, Doran Edwards
Best Day Ever, Jiezhen Liang
Unlucky Day or Common Day?, Santiago Gonzalez Izquierdo
Secret Identity, Jimmy Nadal
Unexpected Moment, Ru (Christine) He
Dimes, Gabriela Robles


I Will Walk My Steps . . . , Jackie Leduc
Corruption, Velma Betz
Presents!, Marina Petrunicheva
Scars of Hope, Sandra Cadena
Remember, Ivan Lopez
Joy, Michela Taddeo
The Yellow Bucket, Megumi Sakata
Jump Rope, Jianwei Xiang
Where I Am From . . . , Adna Zujo Lakisic
Goodbye to This Year, Grace Fierro
Question Everything, Sophia Gallardo Espejo
Get What You Give, Vusala Abbasova
The Best Is Yet to Come, Magali Gomez