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Bare Necessities: My Unforgettable Pandemic Memory

I had gotten a bag of rice, a bag of flour, and some bread, but unfortunately, there was no more toilet paper on the shelves. In fact, most of the supermarket shelves were empty. But right after I decided to check out, I glimpsed a pack of toilet paper on the potato shelf. I hurried over, grabbed it, and threw it into my shopping cart as fast as I could.

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Faces of the 9/11 Rescue

I got my acupuncturist license in 2001. Twenty years ago. The same year 9/11 happened. This tragedy shocked the world. On the day it happened, I volunteered to join the Pacific Acupuncture College team of the Federal Emergency Rescue after work. I still recall the silence and deep sorrow on every rescuer’s face. Two days after 9/11, there were not enough treatment beds for therapy.

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Found in Translation: How I Got My Dream Job

When we come to a new place, we always make new friends, and some beautiful stories may happen.

Since I moved to New York City, I have been living in midtown Manhattan, near the East River. In my leisure time, I like walking along the riverside, especially when the weather is nice. Over the river, many seagulls glide over the mirror-like surface of the water. The breeze gently brushes my cheeks, and the special smell combining the river and the ocean mesmerizes me and takes me to the other side of the sea. It is such a soothing place that it made me fall in love with this city. 

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Best Day Ever

The best day of my life was in July 2019. It was a sunny, beautiful day. I came back home from work. My son, who was 13 years old, said to me, “Happy Birthday,” and showed me a birthday cake. “I made it by myself.” Wow, I was so surprised and happy. The cake smelled so good, and it also was beautiful. It was a chocolate cake. Before, my son had never baked a cake. He learned it from YouTube.

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How the Coronavirus Affected My Life

As a powerful devil, the coronavirus opened its mouth and traveled all over the world. It was invisible. As I write, it has caused more than 100 million people to become sick so far, making them struggle in pain without being able to breathe. It has killed more than 2.5 million people. It has destroyed many families without notice. It has forced many countries to lock down and prevented people from enjoying vacations. It doesn’t even allow people to talk together, close up.

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For Jack

I never went to high school, but I passed the TASC exam and received my High School Equivalency diploma in 2017. In New York, there are programs offering a chance to acquire HSE credentials to someone who hasn’t been able to complete high school. That is, if you can pass all five tests, including reading, writing, social studies, science, and mathematics. The program I joined was founded by a 92-year-old man who had two teachers and a receptionist working with him. Approximately 30 students studied there.

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