Meet the LR19 Student Team

Yejin Chang, Editor in Chief

Portrait of Yejin Chang

I am editor in chief of The Literacy Review, Volume 19, and was an editor for LR18. I am a junior at Gallatin, and my concentration is Asian American and Zainichi History through Literature. In the context of my concentration, zainichi refers to Koreans who live and work across Japan following Japanese imperialism during World War II. My concentration examines the exclusion of Asian American and zainichi voices in history, and the literature these marginalized communities produce. I am also a managing editor of The Gallatin Review’s NYU Prison Education Program section, a peer writing assistant at the Gallatin Writing Center, and director of sales at The Washington Square News. My experiences at Gallatin have helped me think creatively about writing and history education, as well as the wide variety of narratives that forge spaces for marginalized voices.

Lau Guzmán, Editor

Portrait of Lau GuzmánA native of Bogotá, Colombia who has lived in ten cities in seven countries, I’m currently a senior at Gallatin studying how stories from journalism and literature interact with politics. I also work as the communications assistant at Gallatin’s Office of Communications and have served on the editorial boards of The Gallatin Review and Confluence. When I’m not working on assembling LR19, I spend my time writing news for NYU Local, reading YA dystopian novels, making water color prints, and defending the use of the oxford comma. This summer, as a part of the Urban Democracy Lab’s Global Fellowship in Urban Practice, I will be working on the zine Quality of Life in Loisaida produced by the Loisaida Center on the Lower East Side.

Emmanuel Hidalgo-Wohlleben, Editor

Portrait of Emmanuel Hidalgo Wohlleben

I am a senior at Gallatin concentrating in Political-Economic History, particularly of the 20th and 21st centuries. I am especially interested in issues relating to monetary theory and inequality. I am also editor in chief of The Journal of Politics and International Affairs at NYU, as well as an editorial intern at NYU Press and a former intern at TED. Outside of school and work, I enjoy playing soccer, watching sports, playing with the neighborhood cats, and taking walks through parks and along the water. After graduation, I hope to find a job doing editorial work, before eventually going back to school and earning a PhD.

James Huet, Editor

Portrait of James HuetI am a senior at Gallatin and an editor of LR19 from Manchester, Massachusetts. Before becoming editor, I worked with the Gallatin Writing Program as a writing mentor at the High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies, and as a student teacher in the advanced writing class of University Settlement Society’s Adult Literacy Program. Before transferring to Gallatin, I was in the Liberal Studies program, where I spent my freshman year abroad at NYU’s London campus. My concentration focuses on the relationship of language and narrative to personal identity, cognition, perception, and the ways in which we use these structures to create meaning at both the personal and societal level. I am the recipient of an Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Academic Excellence Award for the Class of 2021. After graduation, I plan to pursue a master’s degree in literature, and possibly a PhD.

Emily Pardue, Editor

Portrait of Emily PardueI’m a Gallatin senior from Bossier City, Louisiana, concentrating in Editing with a Focus on Young Adult and Children’s Fiction, and minoring in Psychology. My academic work primarily focuses on the act of adaptation, specifically efforts to bring classic tales to modern audiences, in the hope of understanding the ways that readers influence and are influenced by literature both past and present. During my time at NYU, I’ve served as a student teacher for the advanced writing class at the University Settlement Society’s Adult Literacy Program, a writing mentor at the Bronx Academy of Letters, and a Resident Assistant at one of NYU’s first-year residence halls. Following graduation, I plan to attend NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute and pursue a career in publishing.

Travis Schuhardt, Editor

Portrait of Travis SchuhardtI am a senior at Gallatin concentrating in Writing Love and Sorrow in an Age of Indifference. My studies focus on literary form and how works of literature describe engagement with the same concepts throughout different historical periods. In addition to being an editor for The Literacy Review, Volume 19, I serve as the current editor in chief for West 10th, an NYU journal for undergraduate creative writing, and work for the Gallatin Writing Center as a peer writing assistant. It has been a wonderful experience getting to read and enjoy the works in this year’s edition of The Literacy Review, and I am so excited to share these pieces with our readers. I am a recipient of the Gallatin School’s Léo Bronstein Homage Award for the class of 2021, and in fall 2021, I will be studying for a master’s degree in Creative Writing at Oxford University.

Jules Talbot, Designer

Portrait of Jules TalbotI am a junior at Gallatin and the book designer of LR19, LR18, and several other Writing Program publications. I also work in the NYU Writing Center as a peer tutor, and my own essays have been published in student journals Confluence and Mercer Street, where this summer, I’ll be a junior editor. In 2020, I was the recipient of the Newington-Cropsey Foundation Fellowship and the Dean’s Award for Summer Research, presenting as a keynote panelist at the annual Student Research Conference. Outside of school, I’m the graphic designer for the Actors’ Shakespeare Project, a professional classical theater company, and writing and illustrating a graphic novel adaptation of Hamlet.