Reagan Okumu: Blog Post 1

Research interest is why scholars look to theories and institutions in the
paradigm of peacebuilding during conflict resolutions from protracted social conflicts.
Issue at hand for study is peace agreement and how institutions are implementing it.
This Study is building on theories and work of other scholars, to give understanding in
analyzing current conflict resolution and management in Ethiopia under the ongoing
2022 peace agreement implementation. Interdisciplinary transitional justice mechanism
was agreed upon in peace agreement to cover full range of processes associated with
Ethiopia’s attempts to come to terms with legacy of past conflicts, repression, violations,
and abuses, to ensure accountability, serve justice, and achieve reconciliation.
Data collection has involved a journey and interactions with the institutions I am
collecting data from. Before processing my visa, I got clearance from New York
University safety Department limiting me to Addis Ababa for security reasons, therefore
I could not travel to the conflict affected areas and thus limited me to institutions based
in Addis Ababa. Acquisition of visa exposed me to willing embassy officials who
identified for me some relevant government institutions involved in implementation of
the peace process like Ministry of foreign Affairs, Ministry for Peace, Commission for
DDR, Ethiopian Human Rights commission, etc. I was able through the Ugandan
Embassy to make contacts with other institutions including African Union, Ethiopian
Human Rights Commission, United Nations Agencies, and Intergovernmental Authority
on Development (IGAD) who are engaged in the implementation of the peace

agreement. For references of historical trajectory, I visited museums in Addis Ababa
where I was based.

Above museum exhibition depicting torture method during Col. Mengistu regime.

I am using Qualitative data collection method based on
literature review and interviews from peacebuilding institutions, with guideline from Oral
History Association. All responses based on bureaucratic demands of the institutions,
are being written, and presented including documentations on progress. Additional
written information was later delivered via email after the interviews to clarify on issues
raised during first interviews. Since the research is an ongoing process, updates of
progress through briefs and new documentations are ongoing.