Olivia Krivitsky- Blog Post/ Progress and Reflections

Explainer: What is a polymer?

As the end of summer of approaches, it is amazing see how much progress I have made on project thus far. I have come to see my textile come to life and am now able to truly comprehend the impact that this work can have in the field of medical sustainability. At first, I solely viewed my project from a scientific perspective and failed to truly appreciate the interdisciplinary approach that is often overlooked in STEM research.

The research and development involved a plethora of trial and error. Through extensive literature searches and my own creative process, I was able to develop a protocol that acts as a great foundation for my textile.

Sustainability is something I feel is very passionate about. Specifically, medical sustainability is an emerging field that has previously been greatly overlooked. My passion for both medicine and sustainability have merged through this project whose application are far ranging including in of fashion as well as medical sector.