Tristan Donaldson: A Chinese Culture-Oriented Perspective on the Brain’s Potential

Tristan Donaldson

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A Chinese Culture-Oriented Perspective on the Brain’s Potential: The State of Chinese Neuroscience: Contentious History and “Strong” Brain-Inspired Artificial Intelligence 

In his research, Donaldson posits that Chinese neuroscience emphasizes social stability through the development of brain-inspired AI. The unique logic of neuroscience research in China is the result of the 1989 Tiananmen social movement and the subsequent reorganization of Chinese politics in the 1990s. He assesses contemporary political history, government structure, and AI policy as well as insights from computational neuroscience to speak to the development of “strong” brain-inspired AI as China’s next step in vamping up the country’s AI-centered security state. This next phase will enhance China’s potential to gain deeper “depth” of data on people and optimize AI algorithms for predicting citizen behavior.