Welcome to the 2018 DASR Blog!

Washington Square Park shot from Kimmel

Welcome to the blog for the 2018 winners of the Dean’s Award for Summer Research (DASR). It’s time for another exciting year of engaging projects that span the globe as well as academic disciplines.

The DASR was created to encourage advanced Gallatin undergraduates to pursue an original research or creative project related to their concentration during the summer months. Over the past few years our scholars have produced work that has led them to complete superb senior projects, fellowships, and PhD programs. This year’s winners will go on to present the culmination of their findings to the Gallatin community at the next DASR Conference in Fall 2018.

Join us this summer as we follow 20 rising juniors, seniors, and graduate students as they embark on research journeys across the country and around the world. Some of our scholars will study the arts while others engage with religion and politics. They will work on films, ethnographic studies and archival research. Some will conduct research in our own backyard, while others will travel to Nigeria, Germany, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Mexico, Sweden, and Uganda. Before these young scholars move forward with presenting their research to the Gallatin community, follow them from the beginning through their blog posts each day!