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Dear all,

A lot has developed since I last posted here. I am in the works of creating the structure of the catalog which will be printed and distributed at the show. I have decided that I want the catalog to work as a transportable version of the show itself, so it will include images and video stills of all the works. It will also include some literature such as academic essays, poetry, creative writing, and a transcription of a dialogue between me and one of the artists. What excites me about the dialogue is that it is as if it could be a conversation happening in the gallery itself: not too academic and stuffy but still informed by the ideas that these works hope to project. I decided to do this in an effort to democratize the visibility of the works and ideas that will be expressed at the exhibition itself, as to not privilege certain groups over those who cannot be there to experience the exhibition itself. I don’t want to make it too precious and unapproachable, so the publication will be a smaller size (small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or a small bag) and in black and white. I want it to be something people will be able to carry around with them and pass along to their friends.

All the works are finally solidified for the show as well. This was a long and strenuous process that took a lot of conversation, convincing, and hard decision making. In the end I am very proud of the artists and works chosen within my limitations. I believe that all the art works together well in creating an interesting dialogue about art, the female body, and feminism that hasn’t taken place before. In the end the exhibition surveys the citation of the female body in the art of our generation, and the different ways artists have used the female body to privilege certain ideas and concerns. It certainly reflects the way our generation interacts with visual culture and feminism on many levels, hopefully highlighting how the female body, and feminist ideas, exists in an infinite amount of forms and variations. We are no longer one movement, but an epicenter of references to several movements that have happened before, which allows several perspectives and voices to insert themselves into the dialogue. This truly excites me.

A few examples of the works are featured below although I do not want to give too much away!:

Along with the art show I have decided to also host a musical showcase as an after party. It will be happening right across the street at the bar Goodbye Blue Monday at 9pm (right after the show closes at 8:30pm at The Living Gallery) and will showcase five female musicians from different musical backgrounds. I figured this would show one more example as to how the female form interacts with the artistic realm.

This certainly has been an amazing experience. I hope to continue to run projects like these as long as I can because this has been much more than a fulfilling endeavor.

The show starts at 5:30pm at The Living Gallery in Brooklyn! Here is a link to the Facebook event for the exhibition and here is a link to the Facebook event for the showcase if you’d like to RSVP!


Vanessa Castro