End of this Dance

man posing and being photographed

And, just like that, it’s the final stretch of the Summer Professional Semester at Broadway Dance Center. The past seven weeks have been some of the most challenging but rewarding weeks of both my personal and professional life.

Above: a look at our mock audition for CHICAGO: THE MUSICAL.

As a dancer, I’ve had to push myself past anything I thought I could do. The amazing faculty has helped me improve my technique and performance capability. By studying with brilliant ballet teachers, I feel much more confident in my technical foundation, which was the main reason I wanted to enroll in the semester. I also have a better hold on intention and storytelling in my theater dancing, which, for an audience member, transcends technical capability and elevates a performance infinitely. Additionally, studying hip-hop has helped with my physical control and style. The faculty has been so gracious with their corrections and interest, and I hope to keep these mentors close to me beyond the program’s completion.

Above: the boys of the program dance together in a hip-hop class.

It’s been draining physically, but that’s of course expected when enrolling in a program that requires at least 25 hours of dancing a week. With that, it’s also been an intensely mental challenge. There’s a psychological journey dancers go through. We are constantly in the mirror, nitpicking every single detail we see in order to get to as close to perfection as possible. It’s always been hard for me to do this gently and with love, but the program has given me insight into seeking that improvement, and doing it all with positivity and passion for the craft at heart.

Above: Girls of the program and I in rehearsal for one of our showcase pieces, “Security Check”.

I couldn’t me more grateful for this program and for what it has done for me. I’ve been so incredibly inspired by the teachers and by my fellow students. There have been special moments of brilliance for each and every dancer, and collaborating with them has been a privilege. I think I’ve successfully achieved what I wanted–a major leap in becoming the dancer I want to be—and I look forward to seeing what comes about after the program.

Above: A behind-the-scenes look at our final photo-shoot in Brooklyn.