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I look forward to reading about everyone’s projects and will share a little bit about what I will be working on this summer.

A little background: This summer I am in Washington D.C. interning full-time in a somewhat different field – economic development. I am also deeply committed to this research project which I started last summer – and think there is incredible value to me being in D.C. to pursue the ‘second part’ of this effort. Since my project is exploring how U.S. NGOs can sustainably and usefully contribute to Chinese civil society – and last summer was based off of my experiences studying abroad in Shanghai and working with a U.S. established (but operating in China) NGO- I find that this summer in D.C. will afford me unique opportunities to work with research institutes and China-focused NGOs to better understand the U.S. framing of this complex and unique relationship.

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A few pictures from my time abroad in 2013.

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With the emergence of China as a global economic power, the United States has experienced a heightened interest in fostering connections within the economic, educational, political and social realms. This new level of interest by the US is layered with complexity, however, in large part because as China grapples with modernizing its civil society under the scrutiny of the global spotlight, the U.S. is also faced with reconciling how the emergence of China as a global economic power weakens the U.S.’ ability to influence China or its civil society internationally in the way that it might have with other countries.

The goal of this summer is primarily to pinpoint and work with key institutions dedicated to these issues to better frame my research and contribute more effectively to this global discussion. By working in D.C. with relevant institutions and scholars, incorporating their feedback and expertise on China-US relations, I aim to discuss the core of both nations’ state-society relationships and how their fundamental differences mold U.S.-China civil society relationship.

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On my way to work in D.C. Lucky to walk by Mr. Gallatin himself everyday!

If any of you have any suggestions or thoughts, please share!