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An Unforgettable Thanksgiving

The date was November 25, 2021, Thanksgiving Day. I was scheduled to work at the hospital. On my way, l was feeling a bit down because I couldn’t spend time with my family. As I entered the hospital and approached the time clock, I heard the patients talking: “Is the hospital staff preparing Thanksgiving dinner for the patients?” I turned around, smiled, wished them a happy Thanksgiving, and kept walking. 

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My New Job

As a health-care worker with the elderly, I never know when my job will end. My client was doing fine when I went home for the weekend, as usual. Early Monday morning, I got a call from my supervisor, saying that my client was sick and had been taken to the hospital. In less than a week, she was sent to hospice. She was lively and fun to be around; I missed her and was really sad. At the same time, I had to think about getting another job. 

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