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The First Time I Met My Husband

It was my first time coming to America, June of 2015. I wanted to go shopping. My aunt gave me the address for a store. On my way to the store, I couldn’t remember the street. I saw two guys at a Car Mart, so I stopped and asked for directions. One of the guys said, “It’s not good to speak to strangers.” I told him I wasn’t going anywhere with a stranger; I just wanted directions.

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Bank Robbery

I was on my way to the bank around 9:30 a.m. The traffic on the road caused me to arrive later than I planned. As I entered the bank and looked around, I realized that I would have to stand in line for the entire day. There were only two clerks on duty and a long line of customers. After I stood there for about an hour, my feet started to hurt. A male customer, who was third in line, was on his phone, texting and taking notice of his surroundings. It was his time to approach the clerk.

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