My First Christmas Tree


Usually, I don’t like buying into unreasonable consumption. Since my husband and I moved from Korea to the U.S., I have stopped buying any decorations for our homes because it doesn’t help make the weight of our carriers lighter. When Christmas was coming, Americans started looking for a tree. The culture sounded cool, but, as always, I wouldn’t follow the vibe. 

A week ago, I and my Japanese friend, who will move next year, like us, walked around holiday shops at Bryant Park. She bought an enormous tree for Christmas. I asked her why she had bought the big tree even though she would be moving. She answered that it made her family feel happy and blessed.

We went to a store, and I saw a small round glass container with a candle and little trees inside. It reminded me of Christmas. It could be a part of the decoration at our home, but it was pricey at 45 dollars. I wanted to pass by the store as always, but her words made me give it a shot. 

However, when I went back home, I started to doubt whether it was a reasonable purchase. I continued to consider its pros and cons. Finally, I concluded that the purchase was not a good deal. I had failed. It was too expensive compared to its worth. I couldn’t find any blessing in the little trees. I should not have bought it.

Then, my husband came home. When he saw the little thing, he said, “Wow. This candle is so cool. It’s as stunning as you. You chose it because it looks like you?” As he was talking to me like that, my heart melted. He looked at me with a sweet smile. He made me become a princess. The thing suddenly looked like a thousand dollars. I felt full of blessings.*

''A student at University Settlement, Abigail Lee came to the U.S. from South Korea in 2020. She loves seeking inspiration through reading books and talking with her husband, the wisest man she knows. She writes: “I try to see the world through others’ eyes, like those of Helen Burns in Jane Eyre. This world is a great place to practice our beliefs. It is so interesting to do so and see myself grow.”