Midnight Darlings


Dedicated to Nikki, Jessie, Azriel

There’s a big red star circling around the creek,
saying, “come over,”
signaling music to dance through the dark.
So, brightened smiles, sharing twisted, bended realities, glories, and newfound safe havens for midnight darlings,
waving shifting stories.

See the patterns in our disguised lives.
Year of the cabin fever.
Cryptic rhythmic thought.
Polluted memories on the shores.

Inner-city graffiti.
Someone please help me before I become the color of absence.
No family to go home to;
I’ll perform another show for you.

When’s the next time?
Who’s the best kind?
The dead don’t tell a soul.
This piece is messy.
That’s the beauty
of a midnight darling like me.


Portrait of Jenik Alienik

Jenik Alienik, born and raised in Brooklyn, writes, “In my life, I’ve collected so many stories, beautiful faces, and wonderful memories. I honor them—other queens, queers, loves, passions, weirdos, including other unforgotten rebels. Peace and love, midnight darlings.” Jenik Alienik is currently studying at CUNY’s BMCC with teachers Charlie Brover and Ramon Garcia. The site adviser is Denise Deagan.