Meet the LR18 Student Team

Elizabeth Cheshire, Editor in Chief

Editor portraitI am editor in chief of The Literacy Review’s 18th volume and was an editor for LR17, as well as an LR photographer for three years. I was also a photographer for the Writing Program’s other events, and, for another Writing Program Literacy Project,  a writing mentor at the High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies. At Gallatin, I concentrated in Language and Power. With a Dean’s Award for Summer Research, I investigated the linguistic barriers to understanding court proceedings in Manhattan arraignments. By working at the intersection of linguistics and law, I hope to understand and address the ways that discrimination is enacted through language. I am graduating as the BA Representative for Gallatin’s Class of 2020. After Gallatin, I plan to pursue graduate study in Linguistics as well as attend law school to continue my interdisciplinary work.

Yejin Chang, Editor

Editor PortraitI am a sophomore at Gallatin. My concentration is Asian American and Zainichi History through Literature. With this concentration, I aim to examine the implications and effects of Zainichi—Koreans who live and work across Japan—along with Asian American exclusion in history and how narratives are able to create space for marginalized voices. Working as a main editor for LR18 and the managing editor for the Gallatin Review’s writing from the NYU Prison Education Program have helped immensely in my thinking about creative writing education and the wide variety of narratives that help shape New York’s diverse landscape. In the past, I worked as a High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies writing mentor, and on the LR17 Editorial Board. Independent of Gallatin, I also work as the Director of Sales for The Washington Square News, NYU’s independent student newspaper. Next year, I will be the LR19 editor in chief.

Olivia Kormos, Editor

Editor portraitI’m a Gallatin sophomore concentrating in the Politics of Artistic Curation with a minor in anthropology. Originally from Lexington, Massachusetts, I spent much of my time in high school working on education initiatives in Boston, leading to my interest in The Literacy Review, my work on the LR17 Editorial Board, and my current position as LR18 editor. In my academic work, I’m interested in how issues of style and aesthetics are influenced by dominant cultural values, and how to appropriately tell often ignored stories. I immensely appreciated the opportunity to be privy to a wide variety of narratives through the stories shared by the LR18 authors. Outside of The Literacy Review, I collaborate with Gallatin Theatre Troupe and Microtheater@NYU, and I hope to study abroad in Paris this coming fall or spring.

Cheyenne Alyse Porcher, Editor

Editor portraitI’m a junior at Gallatin and my concentration is Journalism, Activism, and the Arts. The intention of my course of study is to amplify voices that have been historically underrepresented, and this goal is what brought me to The Literacy Review. Alongside my role in LR18, I’m the director of NYU: Reaching Out, a mentorship program for high school women of color throughout NYC, and a coordinator for Project Outreach, a service and leadership program for incoming first-year students. I am also an incoming mentor for Great World Texts, another Writing Program Literacy Project. I am so grateful to everyone who has shared their stories with us, and it has been an immense pleasure working on this publication.

Cade Richmond, Editor

Editor PortraitBorn and raised in Southern California, I am a Gallatin senior, graduating in May. My Gallatin concentration is The Evolution of the Family in America and Contemporary Issues in Legal Family Formation. This concentration traces the family’s historical development in the United States and pinpoints emerging legal issues that trouble the postmodern family. In my postgraduate career, I will pursue a J.D. at Philadelphia’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law, with the intent to assist marginalized peoples in crafting legally recognized family units. Along with being an editor for LR18, I have had two short stories published in Mosaic, the Gallatin Scholars’ journal, and have served as a Resident Assistant in one of NYU’s residence halls.

Moosa MuzaFfar Waraich, Editor

Editor PortraitOriginally from Islamabad, Pakistan, I’m a sophomore at Gallatin concentrating in Power Politics, Sociology, and Journalism, with a minor in Business studies. I’ve been involved with LR in some capacity for the past two years, initially as a member of the Editorial Board and currently as one of the main editors. The entire experience, from closely reading all the submitted works to actually interacting with selected authors at the LR photoshoots, has been incredibly enriching and extremely rewarding. I feel fortunate to be able to continue working with the Gallatin Writing Program as a Great World Texts mentor next semester. It is an experience I am eagerly looking forward to.

Jules Talbot, Designer

Designer portraitI’m a Gallatin junior from Medford, Massachusetts. My concentration is Shakespeare in Text and Performance, approaching works of English Renaissance drama as both literary texts and theatrical events, and asking how artists today can speak back to, disagree with, and reinvent yesterday’s canon. I’ve been an editor of the Gallatin student research journal Compass and co-president of the NYU English and Drama Review, and my own writing has been published in NYU’s Mercer Street. As an illustrator, I’ve designed for arts organizations like the American Shakespeare Center, Theatre Without Theater, Wheelock Family Theater at Boston University, and more. I’m also working on a Hamlet graphic novel, which was going to be featured in the 2020 Gallatin Arts Festival. To date, I’ve seen 57 productions of Hamlet, and I’m always looking for more.

Shreya Biswal, Photographer

Photographer PortraitI am a senior at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Media, Culture, and Communication, studying those fields, with Economics as my second major. I have been a photographer for Gallatin since Spring 2019, which led to my role as a photographer for The Literacy Review. Through my partnership with Gallatin on several events and publications, I have found immense satisfaction, learning, and opportunities to cover incredible topics. My love for photography blossomed in my early teens, and I will be carrying it forward throughout my life. I graduate in May and hope to be working creatively in the entertainment and tech industries.

Joel Lee, Photographer

Photographer portraitI am a Gallatin junior studying Identity Politics and Media. I was born and raised in Palisades Park, New Jersey, so New York City has always been a train ride away. Since attending NYU, I’ve spent much of my time reporting for the NYU student newspaper, The Washington Square News. My concentration investigates notions of identity and how it is constructed, especially through media representations and aesthetics. Photography has become a passion of mine over the years, and I am so grateful to be part of the LR18 team!

Jeffrey Yoon, Videographer

Videographer portraitI’m a senior in Gallatin, graduating in May. My concentration primarily focuses on screenwriting and the role of failure in storytelling. I am drawn to emotionally resonant stories, in which people struggle and overcome great challenges, and so I was delighted to hear about The Literacy Review and the personal stories of all the authors involved. As the videographer for LR18, I worked with the editors and the rest of the team to produce the Author Spotlight video. (Photograph by Veronica Liow.)