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First Day of School

A week ago, I started talking to him about his new routine. He didn’t know what it was about, but I was very happy and impatient to see this day arrive. The day before, I told him that tomorrow would be a great day, not only for him, but for us. He gave me a smile. The next day, I woke him up early, gave him his bath, dressed him, and made him sit on the bed so I could talk to him. I blessed him and told him how happy and proud I am of him. My joy was immense because, for me, it was the beginning of a beautiful story: Learn, make friends, and converse.

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Brought Up by Books

I was brought up in Moscow, Russia. All I remember about my early childhood is the feeling of total unhappiness and despair. At an early age, I was put in a special place for children whose parents were unable to take care of their kids for various reasons. I remember how much I hated that place and how much I wanted to go home. I remember our awful teachers, who established terrible rules we had to follow. Living there was real torture. It did leave an indelible impression on me.

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In July 2018, I was invited to a meeting by my religious superior in Brazil. He presented a request that the superior of New Jersey had made. He was asking for someone from our congregation to collaborate with them in their mission. He told me, “You could be the best representative to go to the United States because you are multilingual. You know English already.” Immediately, in the following month, they asked me to prepare my documents for the visa. When the process was completed, I left for the U.S.

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Found in Translation: How I Got My Dream Job

When we come to a new place, we always make new friends, and some beautiful stories may happen.

Since I moved to New York City, I have been living in midtown Manhattan, near the East River. In my leisure time, I like walking along the riverside, especially when the weather is nice. Over the river, many seagulls glide over the mirror-like surface of the water. The breeze gently brushes my cheeks, and the special smell combining the river and the ocean mesmerizes me and takes me to the other side of the sea. It is such a soothing place that it made me fall in love with this city. 

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