A Family Legend

Dear Father, 

I’m writing to your memory tonight because I miss you so much. I know that no words can bring you back, and no one can replace you. I will never, ever stop loving you.

You were and still are a model for our family. You wanted justice for everyone and taught us to be humble and respect everyone, to always be truthful and never blame anybody else for our own mistakes.  

I will always have my childhood memories. Even when you were working two jobs, you always had time to spend with me and my siblings. You were there for our story time and our homework, and you took us to the farm on Saturdays or Sundays.

I remember when you gave me your time, your smile, your patience, and those joyous moments. When you came back from work, we always welcomed you with dancing and singing. You were a father who was kind and so sweet with everybody.

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, and nobody else was ready to say goodbye either. You were the wisest and most lovely person I ever met in my life, but you have gone too soon. It’s been 24 years, but I’m still feeling the same way about you. I wish you could see what your little girl has become today!

I love you! I miss you! You will always be missed.


''Maimouna Sanogo studies at the New Lots Adult Learning Center of the Brooklyn Public Library. Her tutor is Jennifer Miller, and the literacy adviser is Nicolas Simon. Born in Sikasso, Mali, Maimouna Sanogo arrived in the U.S. in 2016. She writes: “I’m a courageous and honest person, loyal and caring, always there for my family and friends. I’m also very sensitive.”