Human Rights in North Korea, Phase 2: A Vlog in 3 Parts!

clipart of video camera

Hi everyone! I decided to do a vlog for today’s update, for both fun and pragmatic reasons (as I explain). I’ve never vlogged before, but it was good practice for Seoul and I’m so excited to bring you more video updates from there. Also, my phone kept running out of storage so this is in parts, which also makes for easy and digestible viewing, so there is a silver lining! Angie

One thought on “Human Rights in North Korea, Phase 2: A Vlog in 3 Parts!

  1. Hi Angie,

    Your research is piecing together really seamlessly—it’s been really great hearing from you in person and also on this blog about your syntheses. One thing that really interested me about the conference you attended was the discussion about the projected scenarios (what would a unified Korea look like? or if Kim Jong-un was assassinated). How do you think imagination works as diplomatic (alternative) policy?

    Looking forward to what you will be presenting at the conference! I hope that Sydney has been a wonderful time.


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