Fellowship in Human Rights

The Global Human Rights Fellowship offers opportunities for thoughtful, engaged activism and scholarship in the human rights field. Fellows have made important contributions to the organizations and communities that they have worked with in contexts that range from favelas in Brazil to minority theater groups in Germany, labor rights groups in Nicaragua to human rights groups in Israel.   The program is structured so that the work students undertake outside the classroom is integrated into their academic trajectory at NYU.  A key dimension of the program is that the summer work is not approached as an interruption of fellows’ intellectual path, but an enhancement; a co-curricular opportunity that complements, challenges and enriches classroom learning.  In turn, the summer engagement in the human rights field is situated in an ongoing process of critical reflection, enriched and challenged by intellectual inquiry.

The Fellowship enables students to approach human rights from diverse perspectives and utilizing diverse strategies. Past fellows have advanced their projects through legal and policy analysis, video, theater, journalism, photography and medical outreach.  Their concentrations have ranged from literature, psychology, international relations, journalism environmental studies, development, business and public health.  We have also seen a diversity of locales across the globe.  Past internship locations have included Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Germany, India, Israel, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Nicaragua, Palestine, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States.

The Fellowship is a year-long program.  In the Spring semester fellows attend a 0-credit biweekly seminar and enroll in a related 2-credit independent study with a faculty mentor on academic research related to their intended project.  During the Summer, Fellows work full-time on human rights focused internships and experiential learning projects across the globe. They are located on site with their projects for 8-12 weeks.  In the Fall, fellows present their work to the Gallatin Community.

The Fellowship supports the selected students with up to $5,000 each for human rights focused internships and experiential learning projects across the globe.  Fellows propose their own projects, which must be affiliated with organizations that have the capacity to incorporate them in the substantive aspects of their work in meaningful ways. The program is open to both undergraduates and masters students at NYU.   For more details on the fellowship program, eligibility and application procedures see the website: http://gallatin.nyu.edu/studentlife/scholarly/globalfellowship.html.html

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