“When the image is new, the world is new.” -Bachelard

Bachelard’s words resonated with me as I stood on the waterfront and stared and the Manhattan skyline. This was the first time I got a good glance at the area which I have spent the last 3 months in and it put the city in a new perspective and as Bachelard says, created a new world for me.

Williamsburg in areas like Bedford Ave. is a very sociable and comfortable place to be in. The art and vintage heritage give it very cultured feel and along with the inherent safety cues such as open doors and bikes parked with no locks, the image of it is very pleasant and endearing. While the buildings are not new and in pristine condition, it actually adds to the culture that is present and gives Williamsburg the aesthetic image that is unique to it.

A common sight, note the lack of bike locks

“Some city streets afford no opportunity to street barbarism.” – Jacobs

Jane Jacobs discusses what makes a city street safe, and the cues in which one can determine the safety of the neighborhood. Williamsburg has become a much safer neighborhood in recent years than it has been historically. The  dozens of in-tact bicycles lining the streets is a good indicator of the safety of the neighbohood: theft is not much of an issue, or people wouldn’t leave their bikes on the street.

The community wants to preserve the things that once made Williamsburg great
Dunkin Donuts in Williamsburg is more artful with a lesser focus on their classic logo and colors. The artful and less advertised version of Dunking Donuts exemplifies the importance of unique food and building design in Williamsburg. 

Jewelry at an artists' stand at Artists and Fleas



The solar power of Williamsburg's waterfront parks

Along the waterfront and in parks, solar power panels can be found, which speak to the progressive nature of Williamsburg. The residents and visitors of Williamsburg prefer sustainable energy, and as Williamsburg becomes more modern, many earth-friendly implications such as solar power can be found.

Williamsburg rooftop view of Manhattan

Jeremy in line to try the coffee at The Blue Stove

Modern Town Houses near the waterfront

Among the only modern buildings, high rises, in the area

Incredibly modern building directly adjacent to older, rustic building

Seen outside a coffee shop


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