Hasidic Community

Hasidic Jewish Community:

Hasidism is part of the Orthodox Judaism religion that was based in Eastern Europe. They put strong beliefs in Jewish traditions, history, and mysticism. Men generally wear long black coats, side locks, and black top hats.

After WWII they migrated in droves to New York and currently occupy communities such as Williamsburg and Crown Heights with over 60,000 in Williamsburg alone.

They live a relatively conservative lifestyle and have been very outspoken against the gentrification in recent years because of the rising costs and invasion of their lifestyle. They’ve also experienced a large amount of friction with the Hispanic and African American community, even employing their own security called the “Shomrim” (“Guardians” in Hebrew) to make citizens arrest and protect their people.

On average, the Hasidic family size is about 8 people and as a result is constantly on the rise. Thus, there is territorial issues that sometimes arise and a clash between modern and traditional culture within the community.

They’ve had great issue with the Citi bike share program by the Bloomberg administration and have fought vehemently to not have any of the bike racks in their community. Below the picture shows a gaping hole in the outlay of these bike racks in the Hasidic neighborhoods.

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