parks in Greenpoint and Williamsburg marked on map of north Brooklyn

Parks are an important park of Greenpoint’s identity and more recently have become recognized as some of the nicer parks in the city. Greenpoint is very much a family neighborhood, stemming from the Polish immigrants that have remained there for generations. Walking through the heart of Greenpoint, along Manhattan Avenue, you can feel the sense of togetherness that is hard to find in other parts of the city, such as the financial district, where people are jaded towards each other and have little concern for what others are doing around them. Within only a short time spent in Greenpoint we were able to learn all about the stories of the different delis and pharmacies that still live up to the Polish tradition and continue to sell food and merchandise from their home country, refusing to become commercial and not allowing themselves to lose what is so special about their neighborhood.
The parks that were just recently built in Greenpoint and Williamsburg are more responsive to the residents that have moved into these neighborhoods and are more environmentally progressive and are designed in a consistent and inviting manner. The Parks Department created a waterfront master plan that compliments the already existing Waterfront Access Plan to allow the residents of Brooklyn to get closer to the East River and enjoy some time away from all the buildings and the stress of life. The parks, with their fields and benches, serve as a great place for families to enjoy an outing and get away for a short time while being able to look across the water to Manhattan. In addition, the parks play host to many private and public recreational leagues for soccer and other sports, giving people a reason get together and culminate in one place.

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