Due to Greenpoint’s large Polish population, there are many established Polish restaurants, delis and bakeries in the area, especially around the intersection of Greenpoint and Manhattan avenues. Your intrepid correspondents sampled some delicious Polish sausage at Kiszka Meat Market, where authentic strings of sausage hang behind the counter below photos of a wide array of meats available.

Here a local resident tells us about this family-owned business:


Manhattan Ave. is lined with Polish grocery stores where locals can buy specialties like jam, pate, pickled cabbage, and soup mix. Restaurants like Lomzynianka and Karczma are known by locals and foodies alike for having huge portions of delicious homecooked Polish specialties at reasonable prices. We tried Christine’s Restaurant on Manhattan Ave. for pork with mushrooms, borscht, and cheese and plum butter blinzes.

as you can see, the plum butter blintz was delicious!

Greenpoint also has plenty of restaurants that don’t cater to a Polish clientele – you’ll find plenty of hipstery bars, coffeeshops, and other eateries that cater to the area’s 25-44 demographic. For more exotic food, Greenpointers can try Indonesian at Selamat Pagi or Mexican at Calexico or Sindicato de Cocineros. Around Greenpoint Ave., your correspondents passed several coffeeshops and food stores that seemed new and upscale, but the neighborhood also offers plenty of inexpensive corner stores and Mexican and Indian take-out spots.

Since Greenpoint is a historically working-class/industrial neighborhood, most restaurants are informal and well-priced. Since Greenpoint has rapidly been gentrifying and a new 25-44 age group has been moving in, some newer and trendier restaurants have opened, but they are generally frequented by locals – on a Saturday night around 7, I observed mostly local young adults (early thirties, perhaps) who all seemed to know each other.

we discovered this neighborhood restaurant a block away from a great park!


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