Greenpoint is not, and never has been, a center of the ‘art world’ or a hotspot for underground artists. Recently, however, the ‘loose space’ afforded by Greenpoint’s old industrial buildings has afforded room for interesting arts events to occur. Greenpoint may be an area where the art world is not a major factor, but this only leaves more room and opportunity for small-scale work to find a home and grow: galleries that serve local artists as well as growing festivals are located here.

graffiti on an old warehouse near Greenpoint's industrial waterfront


This year, the much-buzzed-about Brooklyn Night Bazaar located to a warehouse space in Greenpoint near East Williamsburg, providing a space for vendors of crafts, indie products, and vintage items as well as food vendors, art installations, and music. The Brooklyn Night Bazaar provides a social space for locals as well as people from all over the city to meet and experience the work of local artists and artisans.

Greenpoint is home to small galleries such as Greenpoint Gallery and the Ugly Art Room, a ‘roving gallery’ which curates shows in local restaurants and other spaces. In 2010 and 2011, Greenpoint’s industrial waterfront was also home to New York City’s first Nuit Blanche, an international arts event that started in Paris about a decade ago. Greenpoint’s Nuit Blanche, which was organized by a group called Bring To Light NYC, brings together local and international artists to create light-based art installations that bring together attendants in a unique multimedia experience.

from Bring To Light NYC's website - an art piece from Nuit Blanche 2010


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