East River

The East River Ferry as it approaches Greenpoint after departing from midtown

The East river is tidal strait that connects the Upper New York Bay on its south end to the Long Island Sound on its north end. It separates the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn from the island of Manhattan and the Bronx and is home to Roosevelt Island, that is situated between Queens and Manhattan. The river serves as a border for the west side of Greenpoint, and for the rest of Brooklyn, as it provides a physical end to the land that covers Greenpoint and creates a water barrier between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Although there no bridge exists that goes directly from Greenpoint to Manhattan, the Williamsburg Bridge offers an easy route to or from Brooklyn and leaves you off only a few minutes away by car from Greenpoint. In addition, the city recently implemented the East River Ferry, which stops at 34th street in Manhattan and takes you directly across the river to Greenpoint, making it more easily accessible without a vehicle. Only one train, the G train, runs through Greenpoint, so the ferry attracts a lot of people to the neighborhood because they get to enjoy a ride in the East River on their way there. The ferry allows bicycles on board, which is extremely convenient for those residents that travel around Greenpoint by bike but have to commute to Manhattan for work. It is much quicker and easier to use than the subway, however it does not run as often.

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