Zapraszamy do Greenpoincie! Welcome to Greenpoint! This family neighborhood located in the northwest corner of Brooklyn is home to the largest Polish population in all of New York City. For generations it has hosted Polish immigrants and has provided them a space for them to raise their families in and run businesses from authentic Polish restaurants to pharmacies that remain untouched by the commercialism we are so accustomed to in the United States. More recently Greenpoint has become a more hip and vibrant center for young couples, some of whom are pouring out of Williamsburg, the neighborhood located immediately to the south of Greenpoint.

In the middle of the bustling city of New York, Greenpoint is a hidden gem that seems more like a small Polish town than a strictly industrial neighborhood. The people know each other and actually choose to engage in conversation, something that is a foreign concept to most New Yorkers who only care about getting to where they need to be. At their time at NYU everyone should definitely check out this neighborhood and Brooklyn and try some of the meat hanging from the deli windows, or maybe just sit at the waterfront parks and look back at the skyline of the city.

Check out our interview with a local for a sense of Polish community in the modern city: