Considering Chelsea’s hip, lively and artistic culture, it is not surprising that celebrities choose to be rooted in the neighborhood. The fact that many celebrities choose to live in Chelsea suggests that the neighborhood is a friendly and safe place to live. There must be a high degree of privacy for celebrities to decide on living in a neighborhood. Though Chelsea is usually associated with arts, entertainment and nightlife, it is clear that is is also deep rooted in a sense of comfort.

Chelsea Hotel and celebrities!

An iconic landmark in Chelsea is the Chelsea Hotel. The Chelsea Hotel has housed the countries most favored celebrities including Jimi Hendrix, Tom Waits and Janis Joplin. Visitors to the area are likely to visit the Chelsea hotel due to its juicy history of celebrated musicians. It is a place where time has been collected into one condensed space. The past and present is brought together in the memory of events that have taken place in The Chelsea Hotel. The similar purpose many who visit the hotel have immediately is a commonality that brings the individuals closer creating a sociable space. With this in mind, It is not surprising why the Chelsea Hotel is one of the most iconic landmarks of the neighborhood. (More information in the landmarks section). 

Below is a list of celebrities that if strolled down the streets of Chelsea, we may come across. 

Adam Goldberg Actor, director, producer, and musician
Ashley Dupre Journalist (sex columnist), singer and prostitute
Calista Flockhart Actress (Ally McBeal)
Elizabeth Berkley Film, and theater actress
Harrison Ford Actor (Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, Star Wars)
Ira Glass producer of the radio and television show This American Life Stage, TV and film action
Jason Robards Tony Award, two Academy Awards and the Emmy Award.
Kate Winslet English actress and singer (The Reader)
Katie Holmes Actress (Batman Begins)
Kelsey Grammer Actor, voice actor, comedian, producer, director, writer and singer
Matthew Modine Actor Private Joker in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket)
Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban  Nicole: Australian actress, singer. Keith: country singer
Debby Harry singer-songwriter, actress and former Playboy Bunny
Bobby Flay Celebrity chef and restaurateur

Daydream VS. Reality

The fact that celebrities have lived or are currently living in Chelsea inevitably influences people’s perception of the neighborhood.

“We find ourselves at a pivotal point around which reciprocal interpretating of dreams through thought and thought through dreams, keep turning. “We are the unity of image and memory in the functional composit of imagination and memory.”

– Bachelard, The Poetics of Space.

Chelsea is a place where the past and present collapse into one. What makes Chelsea so great is not only its current dynamics, but also knowing that such great celebrities have once lived or still live in the area. It is a place where reality and daydream meet. We often dream of celebrities and idealize about them. Chelsea is a place where these dreams meet with physical reality. Reality does not cancel out these dreams, rather our imagination brings life to the area and enhances the physical experience. The are complimentary as they unite. Many may have heard of Chelsea before their actual physical encounter and have engaged in some sort of dreamlike relationship with it before their visits. Since “we are the unity of image and memory in the functional composit of imagination and memory,” we are more likely to see Chelsea as more glamorous than if it did not have have a history of celebrated artists. The idealogical experience plays a vital role in the way we perceive our physical experience in Chelsea. As fame is often put on a pedestal and day-dreamt, when we think of Chelsea, knowing its past history of performances and its home for celebrities, we subconsciously heighten its worth.


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