Chelsea is home to some of the best American and Italian restaurants in Manhattan!

When one thinks of an Italian cuisine the characteristic of simplicity come to mind. Through minimal ingredients Italian cooks rely chiefly on the quality of the ingredients rather than on the elaborate preparation.

This notion of simplified dishes with explosive flavoring was experienced firsthand when eating at Scarpetta, the fourth best restuarant in Chelsea according to Yelp. Located on W14th, Scarpetta is a great example of fine dining. Although it is customary in Italian culture for  most dishes to be served with wine, we enjoyed our amazing pastas, soups and breads with it.

The lighting and abundance of people helped define the mood and our direct relation to the space itself.  The longer we stayed the more the “spatial qualities of place” grew; for “space becomes place as we get to know it better and endow it with value” (Tuan 6). This notion of one’s grown relationship to a given space can best be connected to the American restaurants in Chelsea.

In addition to Italian restaurants, Chelsea is home of numerous American restaurants. While interviewing people on what their favorite restaurants were in the area a majority of them chose American restaurants. After the tenth person who chose an American restaurant we asked “why do you think Americans restaurants are so popular in this area?” The lady then responded, “Chelsea is directly connected to the meatpacking district and Americans love a great piece of meat, so when you put one and one together, I think you can easily solve that equation.” After that response the understanding of how close the meatpacking district was clarified not only why people went to Chelsea, but why there were so many American restaurants in Chelsea. In comparison to Italian restaurants there is almost double the amount of American restaurants. These American restaurants also include American diners and delis. The abundance of local meat influence Chelsea in result of the restaurants they have.

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