Chelsea Market

Located between the ninth and eleventh Avenues on 15th and 16th street, Chelsea market use to be the National biscuit company factory complex where the Oreo was made. Now it is an enclosed urban food court, shopping mall, office building and television production facility. It holds facilities such as Oxygen Network, EMI Music Publishing, Google, and the Food network. Although Chelsea Market holds several purposes, It’s main purpose is to house and export food. Many people go to Chelsea Market to either do some food shopping or eat in one of their restaurants. Some of their restaurants and stores include the Chelsea Market BasketsManhattan Fruit ExchangeAmy’s BreadChelsea Thai, Ruth’s BakeryChelsea Wine Vault, , The Lobster Place, The Green Table, etc.

At The Green Table, a customer expressed how he “loved The Green Table! From the libations to the food and even the atmosphere.” For “Its small space [was] so very intimate”; and later expressed “that’s how it is here” (yelp). His characterization of the restaurant’s smallness as “that’s how it is here” expresses how Chelsea is seen as the key place for holding intimate spaces.

This intimacy is also translated amongst the vendors and restaurant owners. In many cases the vendors in the market will supply the restaurants with items for their restaurants. They will supply them with items such as fresh ingredients like fruit, seafood, meat, and vegetables. This relationship the vendors have with one another directly relates to Tuans explanation of the relationship space has with place. If one thinks about it, each vendor and restaurant owner have their own space within the market, however their relationship with one another allows “space… [to] merge with that of place” (Tuan 6). This merge is what helps define not only Chelsea Market, but Chelsea as a whole.

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