Welcome to the blog for NYU Gallatin’s fall production of Bones at the Gate: An Antigone. We intend for this blog to serve as a forum for documentation, discovery and exchange during the rehearsal process and throughout the run of our production. We hope to enhance the experience for both audience and the cast/creative team by engaging with one another long before stepping foot in the Labowitz.

The company has the exciting opportunity and honor to work on Jen Silverman’s brand new adaptation of Sophocles’ classic work. The story begins, following a bloody civil war, when newly anointed king, Creon, announces an edict prohibiting the burial of the rebel Polyneices. Antigone, Polyneices’ sister and cousin to Creon, refuses to accept the edict and, in defiance, plans to bury the body. The play follows the conflict between Antigone and Creon, touching the lives of many in the war-torn city of Thebes.

As the team joins a long theatrical history of exploring Antigone’s story, we ask what it means to do this work at this school in this particular moment. We ask: what is the nature of the individual’s role in relation to society? How do we balance and navigate personal and public allegiances and leadership? How does one find a sense of direction in the wake of destruction and war?

And that’s just the beginning. This process will undoubtedly generate more questions than it will answer.  In keeping with Ancient Grecian theatrical tradition, our aim is not to answer, but to explore these questions, join conversations and start new dialogues. Please take a look inside the rehearsal room and see the show in process through pictures, videos, interviews and personal perspectives and responses from the company. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

– Sarah Bartley, Administrative Producer.